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Kasa Style Premium Incense Sticks
The Original Masala
1 Hour Burning - 100 Grams
100% Natural No Chemicals


DESCRIPTION - The Masala Original incense is probably one of the finest incenses every created, most often used to set the mood for meditation, yoga, relaxation. Indian incense features unique scents that are not fund in any other part of the globe.

AROMAS - The Masala (spice) group are made from a complex blend of natural fragrant oils, forest herbs, and spices into paste which is then rolled onto a bamboo core stick. This results in a soft incense that always remains moist, for this reason, is very slow burning.

The Masala Original has been recommended by meditation, yoga and feng shui instructors in Europe for over 30 years. Each incense stick will burn for an hour and the fragrance will linger for days.

SPECIFICS - All our products are 100% Natural, Made from Scratch, No chemical Dipping. You will receive Approximately 65-70 Stick and each sticks will burn for Approximately 1 hour.

Kasa Style Reflective Safety Work T-Shirts for Men


100% Polyester

HIGH VISIBILITY - Designed to keep you highly visible on busy worksites, so you stay safe. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Made of comfortable, durable 100% polyester allowing for maximum breathability, without compromising durability.

Navy Fabric - Does Not Show Dirt, Oil or Grease. The flexible. High Vis neon color fabric and reflective tapes for low-light and foggy environments. Available in two fluorescent tones: orange and green.

High Contrast 1-inch reflective stripes are sewn on a 2-inch fabric, making this safety T shirt wear much more like a work t-shirt. while looking sharp in safety and comfort.

Available in Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large, 4X-Large, 5X-Large, 6X-Large, and 7X-Large (see size chart for measurements)

Premium Incense Sticks Sandalwood

Looking for the perfect way to keep your home, yoga or massage studio smelling wonderful? This premium incenses are just the solution. Incense is a natural, organic way to fill any space with pleasant yet not overpowering aroma. 


Toquilla Straw Panama Hat

High Quality Genuine Ecuadorian Natural Toquilla Straw -  Carludovica Palmata -  Drawstring closure


Reflective Safety Work T-Shirts for Men

Designed to keep you highly visible on busy worksites, so you can stay safe. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.